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Vehicle, Plant and Machinery

You will find below a selection of equipment for wash water collection and processing operations to help your business meet its environmental obligations. All products are designed by FiltaBund and manufactured in the UK. Please feel free to call or email if you wish to discuss any of our products or require further information.

Total System Solution

The FiltaBund total system solution is a robust platform system for the collection and processing of wash water. The system is available in two formats. For car washing, the system can be connected directly to the sewer as oils and silt are retained in the trays with oil baffles. For heavier soiled applications, the baffles are removed and processing of water takes place in our MultiCepta unit with optional water recycling.

The platform can be installed and/or moved quickly due to its modular design and allows for simple and quick relocation. This ensures the wash pad remains a long term asset to the business.

Standard platform width with side steps is 3.45m and can be any length in units of 1.1m. The surface grids are removable for maintenance and extended side steps can be provided to give more width to the platform. This also allows high and low level spray barriers to be incorporated.

This platform is an ideal solution for car and van wash bays, as well as lorries, busses, fork lift trucks and trailers.

Total System Solution Extreme

If you have a need to wash very dirty equipment such as soil laden diggers, dumpers, tractors etc, the Total System Solution Extreme may be the option for you. It is designed with a solid surface to allow piles of dirt to be shovelled up and placed in a skip. The central open drainage system is always visible and can be quickly shovelled out if muck builds up. The design allows for washing of dirt and soil laden equipment without the risk of clogging a traditional open grid wash pad.  

The system comprises of precast reinforced concrete with a painted surface to resist chemical spalling.  This creates a highly robust structure for the harshest environments.  The system must be mounted on an existing concrete slab or on bespoke foundations.


As the system does not incorporate oil baffles, it must be connected to our water processing system to treat waste water prior to sewer discharge (with the relevant permit). The system can also be connected to our water recycling system for water reuse. The platform comes with various options for hand rails, low level barriers, or full height barriers.

It is a semi permanent solution in that connecting gaskets must be replaced if the system is moved and is an ideal option for construction equipment hire fleets and ports.


The SupaBund system is a flexible mat for collection of wash water. The mat is manufactured from 900gsm PVC reinforced fabric with optional double thickness tyre tracks. A crush resistant enclosed foam or inflatable surround keeps water within the mat. The sides of the mat can be driven over or additional ramps can be supplied to extend life. The mats can be rolled up or folded for storage and transportation and are manufactured in the UK to our design in any size requirements. Corporate colours can also be accommodated.

We can also provide a drive on platform and flexible spray barriers so that the SupaBund can be used as a full indoor wash bay at a lower cost than our rigid solutions. This can be combined with a mini version of the MultiCepta to allow discharge to sewer (with the relevant permit).

Wash Water Interception

Wash water must be treated prior to discharge to the sewer. This can be achieved through settlement in large tanks to remove non colloidal solids. Oil is also removed through the use of oil baffles between tanks. The resulting effluent is of a standard suitable for discharge to the public sewer. Very dirty applications may benefit from our bag pre filter, which reduces silt and debris build up in tanks, extending the period between pump out.


In order to discharge to a public sewer, a discharge permit is required from the local water authority. The annual cost charged to the user for disposal of the effluent is calculated using the Mogden formula. The Mogden formula ensures effluent with a higher Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and higher Suspended Solids (SS) content attracts a higher fee. The use of a well designed interceptor can reduce discharge costs.  As part of our service, FiltaBund can apply for discharge permits on your behalf. 


Some authorities require high levels of treatment when sewer capacity is limited and FiltaBund can include additional processing to improve COD and SS levels for effluent discharge. If you are paying high disposal costs, these additional processing steps may help to reduce sewer charges and FiltaBund would be happy to discuss your situation.

Wash Water Recycling

Wash water recycling uses our WWR series of systems. These incorporate settlement with coagulant dosing and sand filtration. Hydrogen peroxide is added to combat odours and kill bacteria and reuse water is treated with UV sterilisation.


Systems are bespoke to your situation and we will discuss the number of washes and types of vehicles with you prior to proposing a solution. Very dirty applications will benefit from our bag pre filter, which removes large debris prior to settlement. This reduces silt build up and increases time between pump outs. Refer to the below spec sheet for design parameters.

Indoor and Outdoor Enclosures

FiltaBund has a range of indoor and outdoor enclosures available that are designed to work with our platform systems. Tented solutions are also available as a low cost or temporary alternative. Every site is different, so enclosures are usually of a bespoke design. Check out our Example Installations section to see some of our past projects or contact us for more information.

Spray Barriers

A variety of spray barriers are available to meet clients needs. These can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. Low and high level barriers can be provided as well as bespoke customer designs.


Where a good quality concrete slab is available, our PlastiBund drive over solid plastic strip can be used to create a bunded wash area. The strip can be installed by FiltaBund or by our clients.

Aqua Chamber

Our AquaChamber is designed for internal parts washing and consists of a robust galvanised steel frame and 900gms PVC flexible enclosure. Water is extracted from the enclosure by either pumped wet vac or specialist puddle pump. High strength internal platforms can be supplied for placement of heavy items such as engine blocks. A curtain can be pulled across the front to minimise spray, which can be drawn back when items are forked in and out of the enclosure. The enclosure measures 2m x 2m x 2m, but bespoke sizes and colours are available.


The FiltaBund PortaCepta is a collapsable 4 stage interceptor for processing of wash water prior to discharge to sewer. The system can also be provided as a two stage system and is designed for temporary installations and can be packed away after use. Silts settle within the tanks and oils are retained on the surface, keeping harmful substances out of the drainage system.

The system comprises of a durable galvanised steel frame and 4 flexible 900gsm reinforced tarp tanks, which are interconnected with 110mm pipework. The processed water is of a quality that can be discharged to the sewer with the relevant permit.

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