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Spill Containment

Here you will find a selection of UK designed and manufactured products raging from spill containment mats, to rapid deployment tanks and tanker offloading platforms. All products are designed by FiltaBund and manufactured in the UK. Please feel free to call or email if you wish to discuss any of our products or require further information.

SupaBund Containment Mat

External IBC Storage and Bunding


Our spill containment mats can be manufactured in any size and are supplied with a crush resistant foam filled surround. They can be used for collection of drips and spills, for temporary storage of drums and IBCs, or for wash water collection. As these are tailor made, we can usually match corporate colours at minimal additional cost.

Our external IBC storage units keep rainwater out of the bund and have a large opening and internal platform for forklifting IBCs into and out of the enclosure. The raised platform also allows access to the IBC outlet for draining down. As would be expected, the enclosure has a capacity for the contents of an entire IBC and measures 2m x 2m x 2m.

2700 Litre Rapid Deployment Tank

PortaCepta Oil Separator


Our 2700 litre Rapid Deployment Tanks can be set up by two people in less than 2 minutes , or in around 5 minutes with one person. They are great for emergency storage of spills or temporary storage of liquids. They can also be used for oil separation by pumping liquids from one tank to the next, leaving floating oil behind. Other uses include fish quarantine of for temporary storage whilst servicing tanks, as we use them for. Corporate colours are also available.

Our PortaCepta can be used as a four stage interceptor for oil separation. Each enclosure can hold 250 litres of oil. The tanks can be folded for storage and transportation and are manufactured from 900gsm PVC with fully welded seems.


Drum and IBC Storage


The 30mm x 100mm PlastiBund strip system can be used to create bunded areas where good quality, level concrete is available. The high strength plastic bund strips are glued and screwed for extra protection and can be driven over by vehicles with tyres. Hard wheeled vehicles (such as some fork lift trucks) may require small ramps.

The drum and IBC storage platform can be accessed by forklift trucks or drum trolleys and can be arranged in many configurations due to its modular design. The aluminium, plastic and GRP grid design will support 10 tonne axle load. A single 1.1m x 2.85m platform can be used for drum storage. For additional IBC capacity, at least two inter-connected platforms must be used to give the 1000 litre capacity.

Tanker Offloading Platform


The tanker offloading platform can support axle loads up to 10 tonne and provides a continuous platform for collection of drips and spills. Alternative arrangements can be provided with platforms positioned only at the pipework connection points to collect smaller spills during the charging or offloading process. The platforms are also ideal refuelling areas. Bespoke solutions are available with higher capacity, so please contact us for more information.

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