Marine Wash Bays

This section details our specialist marine wash water collection and processing equipment. Our products collect wash water and remove marine debris, paint flakes and pigments as well as copper and zinc pollutants. Our systems will ensure your business meets its legal obligations. All products are designed by FiltaBund and manufactured in the UK. Please feel free to call or email if you wish to discuss any of our products or require further information.

SupaBund Marine Wash Mats

MuliCepta Marine

Our wash water collection mats are ideal for sites with limited space, or where haul out is confined to a few days a year. The mats can be easily rolled up and stored in our supplied stilage rack or moved around site to where boats are to be craned. The water from the mats is removed using either a specialist puddle pump or a pumped vac and is sent on for processing in our flexible tanks or our fixed MuliCepta Marine system. Water treatment is via our mobile trolley system with automatic coagulant dosing to remove solids and pH adjustment for copper and zinc. Treated water can either be discharged back to the sea or pumped on the sewer with the relevant permits.

The MultiCepta Marine system consists of a multi stage interceptor with automatic coagulant dosing, followed by automated pH adjustment for copper and zinc removal. The water is then sent through a sand filter to the reuse tank. Processed water can either be discharged back to the sea or on to the sewer with the relevant permits. If used with our wash mats, the system can operate in closed loop to avoid the need for any discharge permitting. The system is idea for sites washing up to 10 boats a week.

GeoSack Marine, Containerised

Marine Pre Filter

Our GeoSack Marine system is designed for heavier use with initial filtration through a textile bag to remove larger marine debris and paint flakes. The water then drains in to the collection tank, where it is treated with coagulant. The water is then passed through a sand filter and on to additional tanks for automated pH adjustment to remove copper and zinc. The sand filter is fitted with automatic backwash to ensure minimal maintenance is required. The plant is packaged in a container with mechanical extract, lighting and full electrical distribution to ensure a quick installation. This higher capacity system has a capacity of around 10 boats a day (averaged).

Anybody who has washed a boat hull knows that the amount of debris can be considerable. To increase the capacity of our marine systems, FiltaBund has developed a Pre Filter that uses bulk bag filters to remove larger debris prior to further processing. This reduces strain on the GeoSack system and minimises filter bag changes. The pre filter should be used when more than 10 boats a day (averaged) are being washed or when a yard is focusing on larger craft.

Existing Systems

Do you have an existing system with below ground catchment tanks that discharges in to the sea. It is likely that if you do, you should have a discharge permit in place from the EA. In order to gain that permit, you will need to process the water with more than just settlement. FiltaBund may be able to convert your existing system to meet the requirements of the permit with installation of a coagulant dosing system and adjustment of pH, followed by an above ground high capacity sand filter with auto backwash prior to discharge. You could also save water by installing a water reuse tank with appropriate pump and UV steriliser. Get in touch for more information.

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